Our Products!

We present categories of the products we offer to our customers!

Furniture, Devices, Accessories and everything you need for your Salon

Markos Hair Company provide a complete solution of products and services for your Salon.

Along with our products we provide consulting services, helping the right design and development of your Salon.

Some of the categories of products are: Reception Desks, Washing Units (Basin), Salon Chairs, Barber Chairs, Mirrors, Sterilizers, Towel Cabinets, Blow-Dryers, Hair-Irons and much more.

As well as we provide plenty of Hair Extensions: Balmain Hair Extensions - “Color & Volume”, Single Keratin Extensions & more, Double Hair, Connectors / Quick Removers.

Areti Markou
Areti Markou

Product Manager

Lisap Milano Products

Lisap has always recognized the key importance, of their ongoing academic study of the diversity and image demands of female beauty, and style.

Innovation is the foundation of Lisap’s strategy. As proof of Lisap’s successful advanced formulas and production processes, the Company has expanded beyond Europe’s borders.

Lisap received many certifications. Among them AEO certification (Authorized Economic Operator), a voluntary initiative to add to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certifications it had already acquired, in order to ensure the highest standards of quality throughout the production process.

Huge gamut of products for every requirement of a professional: Color, Care, Styling and Finishing, Hair Straightening and Waving, Man and Classic Line.

**Lisap Milano products are not test on animals and they are free from harmful chemicals.

MashUp Products

MashUp Haircare is an Italian company that creates high professional standards on its products, depending the requirements of hairdressers and customers.

MashUp provide a gamut of products that are true tools to work, for professionals that they are always update with the latest trends on style.

MashUp Haircare products introduced for everyone who wants to reproduce in home the style that created by the hairdresser on salon. Those products are combine perfectly in different ways with all hair types and produces a unique style.

MashUp series of products are consist of Shampoos, Conditioners, Styling products, Care and Therapy, Jells, Spray for finish.

MashUp products are not leaving trimmings, making hair easy to manipulate at home, and are described by soft smells that not contrast with other product that used on head.

**MashUp products are not test on animals and they are free from harmful chemicals.

Marras for Men Products

Our company is the producer of the famous men's care products "Marras for Men" and we also specialized in barber supplies. We also organize seminars for royal wet shaving and for old school haircuts.

We collaborate with the top Greek master barbers in organizing events and shows across the country.

In our days with the man taking care of himself "Marras for Men" are here to take the right place on the bath, with the vintage products for personality and good relation of quality – price.

Except the obvious which are Cologne and After Shave, this greek company has to propose a big variety of modern product of men care.

So we offer Soaps fo shaving, Oil for beard, excellent quality Pomades, created by natural materials that they have nothing to envy from other competitors.



There are no surfactants from the Sulphate family, ensuring a greener and more delicate approach to our consumers.


Parabens perform an important preservative role in the product. Although it can be used in the cosmetic field, Lisaplex™ was formulated with next-generation preservatives to ensure greater levels of protection for our customers.


Lisaplex™* has undergone numerous rigorous Skin Patch Tests by an external body to guarantee that Lisaplex™ is safe for human skin. This underlines our constant commitment to hair stylists and to their clients.

* Only Lisaplex™ Hair Structure Filler underwent Patch Tests.



Formaldehyde, known for its harmful effects on human health, is not contained in our formula.