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Short Bio about Markos!

Markos MY  Training Center of Hairdressing Art was established in 1999 by Mr. Markos Theocharous.

Mr. Markos Theocharous began his career in Hairdressing Art in 1985. After he successfully finished his studies in hairdressing school in Limassol – Cyprus, he worked for a year at a hair salon before he left for abroad. In 1987 he studied for a short time at a private hairstyling school in London - England, where he specialized in the new hairstyles of the era. Shortly after, he started working in a hair salon in London. Between 1988 and 1990 he continues his studies at college in London on hairdressing art and at the same time maintained his work in hair salons. At the college he graduated successfully from a special program for teaching hairdressing Art. Throughout the duration of attendance at college maintained his work in hair salons and had the opportunity to act more in serving interesting customers, leading to acquire elite - special people whom he visited regularly.

After working for four years in London he moved in Paphos - Cyprus where he created his hair salon with the name ''Markos MY Hair Studio''. In 1998 he managed to create and move into his own building. Then the next year 1999, he started his own school Hairdressing under the name "Markos MY Training Center of Hairdressing Art" in the same private area. For the last fifteen years continues successfully the operation of "Markos MY Training Center of Hairdressing Art" with a large number of students graduated, many of whom maintain successfully their own business premises (hair salon).

In 2013 he proceeded to the creation of the 2nd Training Center "Markos MY Training Center of Hairdressing Art" in Nicosia.

Mr. Markos Theocharous founded also his company Markos Hair Company L.T.D in 1997. He started the import and distribution of professional - selected products, and other hairdressing commodities in 1999. He continues to distribute them successfully throughout Cyprus, until today.

Our philosophy is the transmission of knowledge and experience among partners and friends.
Our goal is to constantly inspire the people of our environment to become more creative and inventive.
The transfer of the desire for a better quality of work and life, is also very important for us, with respect to the environment through actions aimed to protecting it.
Markos Theocharous
Markos Theocharous


Areti Markou
Areti Markou

Product Manager

Giannoula Palate
Giannoula Palate


Moreover we are preparing tirelessly and gives presentations, educational seminars and demonstrations fairly regularly for direct and better education, to inform colleagues and students.

Also annually we are organizing and conducts training seminars abroad, transferring also other colleagues specialists hairdressers. Our visits with our overseas partners abroad are numerous.

The unlimited assistance and participation of the associates in the organization of various tasks, allows us to continue unabated the realization of any goals which they are also goals of our associates.

The unlimited zeal for continuous advancement in the field of hairdressing and training it is our continuous target. The positive energy that pervades all teaching and other staff of the company and academy ''Markos MY Training Center of Hairdressing Art'' makes us distinguished.

The creativity whole of the company's and academy's "Markos MY Training Center of Hairdressing Art" staff is unlimited. This creativity we manage to transmit successfully to our trainees and then we ask them to apply it in their own people, colleagues, clients and friends. Encourages them to look after themselves and others, with respect to the environment which they love, live and work.